What are the Benefits of Using Suspended Roll Racks?

As the name suggests, suspended roll racks are used to store and transport rolls in a suspended fashion. These are cage-like racks with four supporting beams installed on all four corners of the rack. A roll wrapped around a bar is suspended in this rack.The roll is locked in place with the help of a special locking mechanism. Suspended roll racks are used across various industries like pulp and paper, textile, etc.

Why Opt for Suspended Roll Racks?Organizations dealing with rolled products will benefit from integrating suspended roll racks in their production lines for the following reasons:

  • Importance of the Collapsing Feature
    Suspended roll racks are manufactured with a supporting frame that can completely collapse when not in use. When suspended roll racks are collapsed, one is able to fit five of these racks in place of one. This feature is extremely important since the racks can be stacked on top of one another during shipping or storage. This saves a lot of space. Since real estate is one of the most expensive assets right now, using these racks offers the user the advantage of freeing up space.
  • Protecting the Edges
    Suspended roll racks are fabricated to completely protect rolls from all angles. Edges of rolls are most susceptible to damage. Suspended roll racks feature frames that enclose the roll. This keeps the ends and edges from getting damaged.
  • Easy Integration
    These racks are designed for complete integration with commonly used equipment in target industries (mentioned above). They have a feature that allows forklift entry. They are designed to be stacked one on top of each other. Barcodes can be added to these roll racks for tracking purposes.
  • Customization
    Suspended roll rack manufacturers provide complete customization options. From the size and capacity to the basic framework and additional features – everything is easily customizable. Your suspended roll rack manufacturer will also be able to provide you with a mock design that will allow you to gauge the usability of the rack.

Suspended roll racks help streamline efforts and secure the rolls being shipped or stored. They can be customized according to the needs of the industry. Organizations can list out their requirements to integrate these racks into their current processes easily.

Suspended roll racks can be customized in accordance with the current transportation vehicles and methods being used. The features can be modified according to the machinery being used to move rolls and racks from transport vehicles to storage areas/ warehouses, and other such factors.

Suspended roll rack manufacturers can help you in designing your roll rack for complete integration.

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