Automated Control Solutions: Barcode Tracking System for Reusable Steel Bins

The reusable steel bin shipping providers regularly receive massive setbacks in terms of return of used steel bins. It has been noted that some clients returned the bins two weeks later than the specified date, while other didn't return the bins at all.

This has led to companies facing losses, and resultant low ROIs (Return on Investment). Hence, there is a need for redefining the practices followed in inventory management, and supply chain management.

Understanding the Problem & Solution

Problem: Late or non-return of reusable shipping bins resulting in severe losses.

Solution: Integration of barcode tracking systems when using / shipping reusable steel bins.

What is a Barcode Tracking System?

Tracking labels are applied on to placard label holders. Label holders are holding surfaces installed on reusable bins. The material of the label holder is such that allows easy application and removal of labels, doesn’t get sticky, and does’t allow the label to easily fall off. The holder is also rugged enough to withstand regular wash downs, exposure to sunlight, and abrasive chemicals.

Barcode Tracking Process for Tracking of Reusable Steel Bins

Understanding the process of automated barcode tracking of reusable steel bins can help you understand how to integrate the same in your shipping company:

  1. A placard label holder is installed on each rack/ reusable bin
  2. Tracking labels with unique tracking codes are scanned and applied on to the placard label holder
  3. The tracking number is mentioned on the invoice sent to the client
  4. The tracking number is used to track down the bins or racks
  5. The tracking number is also used to understand patterns in terms of damage caused to the products

This process ensures that there is no scope for bins or racks going missing

Advantages of Barcode Tracking of Reusable Steel Bins

Integration of reusable packaging tracking technology provides the following benefits:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Reusable
  • Effective
  • Cheaper option compared to RFID label tracking system

Integration of barcode tracking systems to track reusable shipping bins has proved to be an ingenious idea. SPS Ideal Solutions recognized the positive impact of this system at an early stage. Today, we provide barcode tracking systems as a part of our shipping processes. The brilliance lies in the simplicity of the solution. An efficient, cost-effective, and durable option, barcode tracking systems ensure that your reusable containers are never lost. By defining responsibility and accountability, the chances of products being returned actively increases. The barcode tracking system helps in providing a reliable information gathering and tracking structure that streamlines processes and mitigates risk.


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