4 Important Tips to Select the Right Racking System for Your New Warehouse

If you are moving to a new warehouse, there are several important requirements to be met. One of the most important ones is finding the right racking system. The working efficiency of a warehouse depends on the racking system. This post discusses important steps to select the right racking system for your new warehouse.

Four Steps to Select a New Warehouse Racking System

Here is our top 4 checklist to help you select the right racking for your warehouse.

  1. Determine Your Storage Requirements: Various types of racks are used in a warehouse for storage purposes. Your selection will become easier if you know your storage requirements.
  2. Understand Types of Storage Racks Used in a Warehouse: Following are some of the most popular warehouse racking systems used in a warehouse:
    • Pallet Racks: These racking systems are used to store small-to-large goods.
    • Cantilever Racks: These racks are used to stock lumber, furniture, and heavy-duty items.
    • High-Density Warehouse Storage Racks: These racks are used to manage an inventory that shifts on a regular basis.
    • Case Flow and Carton Flow Racks: These racks are used to organize small items.

    After understanding functions and advantages of each of the above mentioned racks, you will be in a better position to judge how many of them will be needed at your warehouse.

  3. Think in Terms of Scalability: This defines how prepared you are to take future storage requirements. Take care to select a racking system that is scalable, and can easily accommodate your growing storage needs.
  4. Understand the Importance of Durability: Your racking systems must withstand high traffic environment in a warehouse. Warehouse racks are front loaded manually, or with fork trucks from sides. With vehicles moving inside the warehouse and regular movement of heavy goods, durability and shelf life of a racking system becomes a major concern. So you need to ensure that the rack is designed to withstand wear and tear.

The above-mentioned considerations will simplify the rack selection for your warehouse. When selecting a supplier for the racking system, ensure they have relevant experience and expertise to deliver easy-to-use, and durable warehouse racking solutions.