ExxonMobil 2015

As the Packaging Engineer for ExxonMobil Chemical's Films Business, I have worked with Joe DiSabantonio and SPS Ideal Solutions for approximately 15 years. As suppliers of BOPP films to the converting industry we were presented with the unique challenge of designing a returnable packaging solution for very large converter size rolls of film.

Unique because two customers presented the same request for a packaging solution at nearly the same time: one in the flexpack segment and one in the labels segment of the converting industry. Roll sizes over the years have grown significantly. Thirty years ago our largest slit rolls were 23" OD and narrow web widths: 40 - 50". Today converters are demanding much larger rolls for their state-of-the art printing, laminating and adhesive coating equipment. Joe and I worked together, to design a returnable steel rack that would support an 80" wide x 48" OD roll, weighing approximately 3000 lbs. Storage and handling at the customer had to be taken into consideration for these designs. In addition, each customer had unique material handling to safely remove the rolls from the racks.

We also developed a large mill roll rack for 7,000lb rolls on 10

By listening to our requests, as well as to the customer’s fitness-for-use needs, we have to 2 slightly different rack designs. Over the years we have continued to tweak and improve the efficiency of the rack for holding these rolls, and to optimize trailer space when returning the empties. SPS has been an amazing supplier to work with when we have had packaging challenges that required creative solutions.