Naples, FL, 12-13-12

Many companies use CAD for the design of steel shipping racks. SPS Ideal Solutions, Inc brings this to a new level by conducting STRESS design confirmation. The continual investment made in new Solid Works CAD programing allows for the complete STRESS TEST compression of the custom designed rack for your special project

  • This is a very important step in our final concept for large racks with heavy loads or any rack design needing structural confirmation.
  • We also use this program to confirm applications of reduced tubing gauge or size.
  • The benefit to our client and us is the confidence in the design before we starting laser cutting metal for a prototype.

Once the design concept is approved we can make a prototype. The prototype and production process for cutting the metal shapes are both driven by the Solid Works software. This assures everyone that each component part is identical.

  • Identical parts assure each rack to be in tight tolerances.
  • Our racks will meet your robotic load and unloading requirements.
  • New clients are always impressed with our tight joints, corners, and interfacing of components all encased in our powder coated finish.


Our professional and experienced design team is ready to work on your project – call us for the BEST concepts, design details and world class manufacturing.