Tailor-made Solutions

Customization Process

Innovative Tailor-made Solutions by Industry Experts

The team at SPS Ideal Solutions consists of the best of the industry, be it engineers, designers, or technicians. At SPS, we encourage freedom of thought and exclusively hire out-of-the-box thinkers. When faced with a challenge, our team forges ahead to find a solution that helps increase productivity, is economical, and reduces effort, time, space, and money in operation.

8-Stage Customization Process

The customization process unfolds in the following manner:

  1. Inquiry - The first step to any order placement is client interest. The customization process begins with an inquiry from a client.

  2. Knowledge Transfer - This is an in-depth process wherein we get a complete idea of the client, product, and their expectations. Here, all the technical product-related information as well as the aesthetic design-related information is discussed. This is a two-way process - the client provides us with the details of the operation, product specifications, and more. The value addition on our end is presented in the form of better solutions. We first look at their current requirements or predicaments. Based on our experience and knowledge, we then provide reliable solutions. For the common goal of manufacturing best-in-class products. Below are some of the factors taken into consideration to define the technical specifications of the product:
    • Products to be stored in the rack
    • Entry for fork truck or hand truck
    • Loading and unloading procedures
    • Shipping distance and manner of shipping
    • Number of products to be stacked
    • Will the rack be stored in warehouse racks?

    These are some of the basic points that will help us gain maximum clarity regarding the project. The structural design of the product is decided in accordance with these requirements.

  3. Detailed Information - For product designing and manufacturing, we use the cutting edge software, SolidWorks. CAD images are needed to support the several processes used to design a product. The drawings allow us to build around the image, capturing the contact support locations and keeping clear of other parts. Hence, for component parts, we expect our clients to provide us with CAD images.

  4. First Draft - Based on the knowledge transfer, we tailor a design for the client. The proposed product seeks to solve to all the problems faced by the client.

  5. First Review - The first product drawing is reviewed with the client. During the review, we identify changes or improvements to be made.

  6. Second Draft - According to the first review, adjustment, if any, are made to the design drawing. The second draft is perfected in accordance with these changes.

  7. Second Review - The second draft will be reviewed with the client. This process is repeated until the client is satisfied. Generally, one or two reviews are sufficient to finalize the design.

  8. Implementation of Design - Once the design has been finalized, we manufacture the actual product.

Exceptional Experience at SPS Ideal Solutions

Working with SPS benefits our clients in many ways:

  1. We are extremely flexible in terms of client timings and locations. We work with clients from around the world. We utilize the latest internet-based screen sharing programs to keep our clients up-to-date with the latest developments. No matter where they are located, they can be updated at all times. Even with longer distances, our quality and review process faces no hindrances.
  2. To ensure that clients have a thorough insight into the entire process and product, we utilize several features of the SolidWorks program. One of the features of the SolidWorks images, allows us to view the entire rack on the screen. Advanced features allow us to zoom and rotate the 3-D design. This makes the review process more detailed and transparent.

We are the best because we provide only the best.