Tips for Safe Pallet Racking - Part II

In the previous post, we had discussed about the causes of rack accidents. We also gave the initial three points required to ensure pallet rack safety. We continue those points in this post.Remaining Pallet Racking Safety TipsThese are other important points you can keep in mind when using pallet racks.

  • Install Guards on your Rack: As the name suggests, guards are protective components placed around areas of the rack that are susceptible to collision. If a forklift hits the structure, the guard absorbs the impact and protects the rack. Adding this component to your rack can reduce the chances of accidents.
  • Replace Damaged Racks: Needless to say, damaged racks need to be replaced as soon as possible. There is a consequence to not replacing them on time. If one beam collapses with items on it, it can cause damage to other product on the rack. Any person standing close to the rack at this time can be severely injured. It is wiser to spend money on replacing a rack than paying for the damages it may cause.
  • Miscellaneous Points: A single point or a combination of these can further reinforce your pallet rack.
    • Use reinforced corners and thicker steel columns to maintain the rack’s durability.
    • In the lower portions of the frame, create tight horizontal spacing to help prevent column failure.

The most important point is to have a regular maintenance schedule and stick to it. Proper and timely maintenance will not only reduce any chances of accidents, but also increase the rack’s service life. Report any damage or problems to the management, and get repairs done as quickly as possible. Understand the repair procedures so that some can be performed in-house. All these points can help you to keep your pallet racks in the best condition for storage and warehousing.